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Artemis is a one-of-a-kind tracking system designed to follow and record student's attendance and progress while attending study hall. It is built specifically to aide the academic advisors and coaching staff of student athletes attending colleges and universities, and has been proven to be an effective tool when it comes to keeping an organized record of study hall attendance and progress for athletes from many sports.

Artemis was developed to replace the 'pencil & paper' method advisors and interns use to keep track of the time student athletes spend in study hall. This method worked fairly well until it came time to build the reports and notify the staff. Advisors could spend almost an entire day creating reports and distributing them to the different members of the coaching staff for each sport throughout the campus, which was just very inefficient. Artemis solves that problem by calculating and creating detailed reports for each student, and making these reports available to coaching staff and advisors at any time.

With Artemis, the time a student spends in study hall is recorded when they check in, along with what that student's study plan and a record of the staff who recorded that student's attendance. When students check out, the total time that each student spent studying is automatically calculated and stored, along with a positive or negative rating for the session approved by the monitor. An area to put notes about the student's behavior during study hall, if needed, is also available.

Once the student signs out, his or her time is instantly available for coaching staff and advisors to view online in a number of different reports. There is no more time wasted adding up hours and delivering hard copy reports across campus; Artemis does the dirty work for you and presents the information in an easy-to-use format that can be viewed online, as well as having the option to print reports and save them for later use.

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