What our schools are saying

We take pride in our system and enjoy working with our schools. We can tell you how we feel about it, but it can't hurt to have information from the people that use it every day. That is why we're posting quotes from some of the schools that use our system in order to let everyone know what both advisors and coaches think of it.

“The Artemis system has been a great assistance tool in keeping not only student-athletes accountable for study table, but keeping us as a staff accountable to them to complete hours.”

Irvin Stevens III

Senior Academic Coordinator, University of Idaho

“I found the system to be user friendly and a great way to keep track of the student-athlete's study table hours. It was nice that when it came time to report the hours to the coaches. I was able to do it in a group email instead of emailing each one individually.”

Megan Farris

Academic Services Intern, University of Utah

“The Artemis study hall tracking system is an effective and extremely affordable way to track student-athlete study hall requirements. Nate is very personable and is always available to assist with any questions our staff has about the system. He goes above and beyond to make the study hall tracking system work the way his clients need.”

Will Libous

Academic Adviser, Binghamton University

“The tracking system has made our department so much smaller. We are spread out here at ISU and this system has allowed us to access the study hall from our different offices. It has also allowed us to use our many facilities for study hall rather than limiting the students to the study hall area. We check people in all over campus when they need to get work done. In addition, the reports are clean, easy to read and have allowed us to stop having to tally all the hours by hand each week. The coaches have responded very well to these changes. I appreciate all the work that has gone into this system. Plus, its customized with our logos and colors!”

Matt Steuart

Director of Academics, Athletics, Idaho State University

“We've been using the Artemis Study Hall Tracker for several years now. It has completely taken the headache out of tracking our student-athlete's study halls. It is simple, transparent, and easy to use. For the value, there's nothing comparable in the market. While we haven't had any issues, we know that Nate is very accessible and would resolve any issue promptly. He is constantly making improvements to the software, with upgrades showing up every year. I recommend this software to any intercollegiate athletics department, no matter the size.”

Nic Scandrett

Director of Athletics, College of Lake County

“The Artemis study hall tracker has been very beneficial for our department. Most importantly, it is very user friendly. Our coaches like that they can log on and see which of their student-athletes are in study tables at any given time. It is customized with our school's logos which is a nice added touch. Nate is always readily available to answer any questions that come up during the school year. I highly recommend this program.”

Mallori Walker

Academic Support Services Advisor, Purdue University

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